New York based


Morgan Greenburger, better known as DJ ELMO, is a New York based sober DJ and producer.  Having lived in the fast lane for much of his early 20’s, DJ ELMO decided to give up being the “life of the party” and is now the one creating the party.  While adopting a sober lifestyle, DJ ELMO found a passion in music, creating a natural high that connects him to something deeper than he ever imagined.  He describes being one with the music as his purpose and is excited to share this special connection with the rest of the world.

With the ability to adapt to many forms of EDM, DJ ELMO has quickly set the stage for success.  Whether he’s building up the crowd with a groovy, deep house set or captivating everyone with more progressive tracks, DJ ELMO delivers a memorable show filled with emotion and energy.

DJ ELMO musical inspirations include the likes of Kaskade, Gareth Emery, Benny Benassi, Black Coffee, among others.

DJ ELMO has had the privilege of spinning at NYC hot spots Savage lounge, PHD Terrace, and Concept with a calendar of shows lined up.

When DJ ELMO is not one with his music, you can find him in the competitive gaming circuit, as an establish Apex Legends Gamer and Gears of War gamer.